Window World Tallahassee


The main industry of Tallahassee is state government; however, education is an increasingly significant contributor to the local economy. Florida State University, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee Community College, Lively Vocational-Technical School, Keiser College, Nova University, Barry University and other specialty training centers all are thriving here.

Agriculture is also strong in North Florida, with productive tree farms, successful crops such as tomatoes, soybeans, cotton, peanuts, hay, and watermelons, and plentiful livestock, consisting mainly of cattle, as well. In addition, the best shrimp, oysters, grouper, snapper and scallops you will ever eat come from local waters, and aquaculture catfish and clams are a growth industry. With two major hospitals, specialty clinics and treatment facilities, the medical community is just as robust. Tallahassee is home to the FSU College of Medicine. The Florida State University College of Medicine's goal is to educate and develop exemplary physicians who practice patient-centered health care, discover and advance knowledge, and are responsive to community needs, especially through service to elder, rural, minority, and underserved populations. Growing rapidly as well is the high tech business arena, due in part to the fact that Tallahassee houses the National High Field Magnetic Laboratory. It's the largest and most high-powered magnetic laboratory in the world out of only 13 such labs. In addition, Fortune 500 ranked industries, like General Dynamics and Mainline Information Systems, also call Tallahassee home.

The retail sector is also very solid as Tallahassee services over 1.2 million people from 100 miles around. For shopping, entertainment and business, Tallahassee is the area hub.